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Jenni Mitchell Travel site is a place I will post my next travel journal.

Soon Mervyn and I will be heading to TIMOR LESTE to work as NGO’s for an Eltham Rotary Project that has been underway for some time. Building  accomodation quarters at an orphanage 25 kilometres out of Dili.

The plan: – Mervyn will be working on the construction site with other team members and local youths and I will be documenting the work. I will also be meeting the children and assisting wherever I can. Ten sewing machines have been sent over I understand as well as other equipment.

I ‘plan’ to meet the local weavers and artists in and around Dili and see if I can open a connection between our gallery; Eltham South Fine Art: Studios & Gallery in Eltham.

I am travelling with an open mind;  Will  Timor likes me and will I like Timor? Lets see if I/we are able to assist in the recovery of what we expect to find in the  many traumatised children and adults as a result of the recent political unrest.


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